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Khan Imports has been an importer and wholesale supplier to the gift and decorative accessory industry for over twenty five years. You may have even seen our marble and natural stone pieces in home furnishing and department stores, specialty and gift shops. With this site, we are pleased to present our product lines for retail ordering at substantial savings, provide free shipping, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! We are committed to offering exceptional pieces that will exceed your expectations, to provide outstanding customer service, and ship orders promptly.

As with all handcrafted marble and natural stone items, many factors influence value and pricing. These include workmanship, polishing, stone quality, stone color and/or fossil content. Only the highest quality stone is selected for our sculptures. Each unique piece in our Natural Stone Collections is beautifully handcrafted, and generously polished for a high gloss finish. Many of our genuine Marble, Onyx and Natural Stone gifts and home decor products are available for sale in several sizes, and unique stone types.

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About Our Marble, Onyx & Natural Stone Types

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Natural Black & White Zebra Marble

Exotic and unique, Black Zebra Marble blends natural shades of black, charcoal, copper and deep green with white crystal veining.  Colors and veining are influenced over time by the temperature of the earth's crust and mineral elements.  A beautiful stone, each unique Black Zebra Marble sculpture is expertly hand carved and richly polished to a smooth, high gloss finish.

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Natural Black Marble

This striking Black Marble stone is predominatly a pure, rich black and may contain natural traces of charcoal color and fine white crystal veining. A classic stone, marble continues to be treasured for it's strength and remarkable beauty. Each piece is handcrafted and fully polished to a high gloss finish.

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Boticina Beige Marble

Valued for centuries for its natural beauty, strength and durability, marble is recrystallized limestone and is formed through changes in the earth's formation. Color, crystals and veining are influenced by temperature and mineral elements. Each Boticina Marble sculpture consists of neutral beige and tan tones with natural veining and has been expertly handcrafted and richly polished.

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Natural Brown Fossil Stone

Each unique sculpture in our distinctive Fossil Stone Collection display their own natural impressions and traces of marine fossils from ancient seas that became embedded in the earth's crust over 50 million years ago! This fascinating and attractive natural stone represent elements of our geological past, and blends natural earth tones of brown and gray. Each unique Fossil Stone sculpture has been beautifully hand carved and richly polished for a high gloss finish.

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Natural Tan Fossil Coral Stone

These fascinating natural stone pieces are beautifully hand carved from Fossil Coral Stone. Each unique Fossil Coral Stone sculpture contains ancient marine fossils, coral, shells and plants that became embedded in the earth's surface an estimated 65 million years ago. Blending with any decor, these impressive Coral Stone decorative accents consist of natural sand, tan and earth tones, and are richly polished for a high gloss finish.

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Genuine Green Onyx Stone

Genuine Onyx is a translucent, semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety with an extremely fine crystal formation. For centuries, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans acknowledged Onyx for its mystical properties and it was used to adorn places of worship. Presently, Onyx is recognized for providing comfort, promoting balance and relieving stress! The value of gems and minerals is based upon availability and physical qualities that include color, hardness, transparency and polishing. Only the highest quality Onyx is selected for our pieces. Each, "one-of-a-kind" handcrafted Onyx sculpture displays it's own natural colors, unique banding characteristics and distinctive beauty.

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Genuine White Onyx Stone

Similar properties to Genuine Green Onyx, White Onyx is a translucent, semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety with an extremely fine crystal formation. Valued for it's natural beauty, each exquisite Genuine White Onyx sculpture displays it's own unique stone characteristics beautifully blending shades on banded White Onyx stone with natural amber or honey markings.

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Multi-Colored Onyx

These unique Onyx stone fish figurines have been beautifully hand carved, polished and highlighted with captivating colors. Due to the translucent nature of Onyx, when placed in a window or with background lighting the colors illuminate! Each of the decorative fish sculptures in our Multi-Colored Onyx Collection display their own unique colors and natural stone characteristics.

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Wildlife Collection Animal Sculptures

Each distinctive animal sculpture in the Wildlife Collection is intricately detailed and richly textured to capture the essence and magnificence of each compelling creature.  The original sculpture began with a search for a special variety of hard pine found in East Java.  Aged wood provided the naturally weathered and coarse texture required to represent the appearance of stone.  Natural characteristics of the wood were combined with skill and imagination to hand carve a piece which inspires a search for interpretation.  With the guidance of the original artist, each collectible sculpture has been expertly reproduced and painted by hand.  These sculptures have been exclusively designed with the desire to encourage awareness for the conservation of all wildlife, many of which remain endangered on our planet.

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